“Sassy” Brownies

I stumbled upon a recipe the other day for “sassy brownies” except instead of saying sassy, it was something that implied the brownies were loose morally and promiscuous…anyway.  Basically they were a layer of chocolate chip cookies, oreos, then brownie to top it off.  I had no oreos, but I decided to go for it.  I layered cookie dough, which I conveniently already have made and pre-portioned in my freezer in the event of a sweet tooth crisis…Then made and poured brownie batter over…then went outside whilst it baked for about 30 or so minutes.

and after allowing it to cool they came out thusly…Overall, not bad, but I will say mine weren’t as pretty as the original.  Also, I didn’t spray the pan with nonstick spray because I figured usually cookies are oily enough not to stick, but believe me, they held onto that pan like Rose clung to Jack in Titanic. (AKA, thought they would never release, but with enough poking and prodding they totally let go and Ms. Pyrex left Mr. Brownie to die in the ocean that is my stomach acid.  Wow, that was surprisingly graphic, but what can I say, Rose really upset me by letting go, and they totally could have both fit on that door if they’d tried.)


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